The Brussels Effect: How the European Union Rules the World

den 18 februari 2021, kl. 15:00

Professor Anu Bradford discusses her recently published book The Brussels Effect. The book challenges the prevalent view that the European Union is a declining world power. It argues that notwithstanding its many obvious challenges, the EU remains an influential superpower that shapes the world in its image through a phenomenon called the “Brussels Effect.”

The Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights: Two Autonomous Human Rights (R)Evolutions

den 22 januari 2021, kl. 15:00

Article 6(2) TEU requires the EU, an institution which has been in a constant state of evolution for over six decades, to accede to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (“ECHR”) a creature of the Council of Europe (“CoE”) which, along with its legal system, has travelled its own evolutionary path over the same period.

Ensuring the effectiveness of EU law enforcement: The role of enforcement networks and the challenge of institutional diversity

den 17 december 2020, kl. 12:00

During the last decades, the European Union has been stepping up its efforts to improve the effectiveness of EU law enforcement, not least by setting up enforcement networks in key areas of the Internal Market. In her talk, Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt will introduce the general trend towards network governance in the EU and highlight some of its main challenges in the context of enforcement.

Välkomna till Institutet för Europeisk rätt

Institutet inrättades genom fakultetsnämndens beslut den 22 januari 1990. Institutet har till uppgift att främja forskning och utbildning inom europeisk rätt, särskilt EU-rätt. Institutets medarbetare bedriver forskning inom en rad områden av central betydelse för det europeiska integrationsprojektet, bland annat europeisk konstitutionell och institutionell rätt, inre marknaden, konkurrensrätt. Av särskilt intresse är europarättens samspel med nationell rätt, och i synnerhet svensk rätt. Institutet anordnar forskningsseminarier och konferenser och samarbetar med ett antal svenska och internationella akademiska institutioner med inriktning på europeisk rätt och politik.

För mer information om Institutets verksamhet vänligen kontakta Institutets föreståndare docent Jaan Paju,

Welcome to the Institute of European Law

The Institute was founded following a decision of the Faculty Board of 22 January 1990. The Institute has as its main objective to promote research and education in European Law, and in particular in the area of European Union Law. The researchers who are affiliated with the Institute carry out research in a wide variety of areas of central importance to the European integration project such as Constitutional and Institutional Law of the European Union, Internal Market Law and European Competition Law. Of special interest is the interaction of European law and policy with the national law of the Member States, and in particular Swedish Law. The Institute organizes research seminars and conferences, and cooperates with a number of Swedish and international academic institutions specialized in European law and policy.

For more information about the activities of the Institute, please contact the Institute’s director Associate Professor Jaan Paju,