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The independence and legitimacy of the European Court of Justice

den 1 november 2012, kl. 12:00

Judicial legitimacy is a classical issue of theory of law and constitutional law, whose object is to determine how the legitimacy, i.e. the quality of a body that leads people to accept its authority, of the judiciary is or can be asserted.

In answer to this question, different factors of judicial legitimacy are traditionally put forward. These components of judicial legitimacy apply, more or less, certainly also to the CJEU. However, there is still to assess if and to what extent the fact that the CJEU is a transnational court operating in the specific legal context of the EU provides or requires specific factors of legitimacy and/or arrangements to the traditional ones. To that end, the institutional, functional and social legitimacy of the CJEU shall be examined.

Speaker: Dominique Ritleng, Prof. of Law at the University of Strasbourg

Discussant: Karin Wistrand, Director, The Office of the Chancellor of Justice

Time: 1 November 2012, 12.00 - 13.30

Place: Faculty Room, Faculty of Law, SU

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