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Free Movement of Capital between EU Member States and Third Countries

den 5 oktober 2011, kl. 12:00

The Treaty of Lisbon did not bring substantial changes to the rules on free movement of capital. By virtue of Article 63 (1) TFEU, free movement of capital slightly differs from the other fundamental freedoms by extending its (protective) scope of application over third country capital flows directed from or to non-member states (‘cross-border capital flows/movements').

One could deduce from the wording of Art. 63 (1) TFEU that cross-border capital flows enjoy this freedom as fully as intra-community capital flows do. Nevertheless, in reality, the scope of liberalization of cross-border capital flows is more limited than that of intra-community capital flows especially due to the rule contained in Article 64 TFEU, and the application of Article 65 TFEU to cross-border capital movements. At the seminar, Senem Eken Uyan will examine Article 64 (1) TFEU by focusing on the notion of direct investment with reference to the relevant case-law of the ECJ. She will also touch upon the impact of Art. 207 TFEU on cross-border capital movements.

Talare: Senem Eken Uyan, Doctoral Candidate in EU Law

Plats: Faculty Room, 8th floor, C-house, 12-13.30

Detta seminarium ägde rum den den 5 oktober 2011