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The Fundamental Rights of Companies

den 21 april 2021, kl. 12:00

Several times a month, the CJEU delivers judgments on the fundamental rights of companies. The cases concern a wide range of rights including property, the right to conduct a business, freedom of expression, privacy and the right to a fair trial. Up to now, no comprehensive evaluation of this case law has been carried out.

Peter Oliver's forthcoming book on the subject* carries out a comprehensive evaluation of the case law on the fundamental rights of companies. This talk will cover some key issues considered in this volume, with particular emphasis on some landmark cases decided in the last 3 or 4 years. Inevitably the case law of the ECtHR will also be discussed, and there will be some forays into US, German and UK law.

Until 2014, Peter Oliver was a Legal Advisor in the European Commission, and was also briefly a référendaire to AG Gordon Slynn and a Visiting Fellow at Yale University. In his last few years in the Commission, he worked on chemicals legislation and the Aarhus Convention. He is a Visiting Professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the author of over 80 publications on EU law, including Free Movement of Goods in the European Union (5th ed., Hart Publishing, 2010). His forthcoming book is entitled The Fundamental Rights of Companies – European and US Law Compared (Hart Publishing).

Discussant: Associate Professor Eduardo Gill-Pedro, Lund University. Eduardo is currently conducting the research project "The Company as a European Supercitizen? The protection of the human rights of corporate persons in European law."


The seminar is a digital seminar. Zoom-link will be sent upon registration.


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