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Trade mark Paradoxes in European Brand Competition

den 1 december 2010, kl. 12:00

Claes Granmar presenterar sin avhandling med titeln ”Trade mark Paradoxes in European Brand Competition”. Claes Granmar disputerade nyligen vid EUI.

Avhandlingen benhandlar: the private rights to exclude others from using whatever signs they like in the course of trade ultimately serve the public need of a trade mark system of significance. In the new economic context of brand competition and legal context of unification, the normative basis for those private rights is found in a concept of dynamic competition.

Talare: Claes Granmar, PhD (EUI, Florence)

Plats: Fakultetsrummet, plan 8, Juridicum, SU, 12-13.30

Detta seminarium ägde rum den den 1 december 2010