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Protecting Fundamental Rights & Public Values within the EU Single Market with Sybe de Vries

den 20 oktober 2017, kl. 12:00

The development of fundamental rights within the EU is strongly linked with the EU Single Market. Not only has the EU Single Market constituted the source for the development of an EU autonomous fundamental rights regime, but it also raises barriers to the realization of fundamental rights by Member States.

In this seminar, Sybe de Vries will explore a number of trajectories with a view to further developing the linkages that exist between the EU Single Market, fundamental rights & public values and to examining to what extent the EU Single Market, apart from putting constraints on the realization of those rights and values, offers the chances to enhance and even strengthen the social face of the EU and its fundamental rights’ dimension, which is particularly pertinent against the background of technological developments in the field data, growing inequality, widespread contestation and an ongoing rule of law crisis in a number of Member States.

Sybe de Vries is full professor of EU Single Market Law and Fundamental rights at Utrecht University. Sybe de Vries has since 2012 the Jean Monnet Chair. His research and his education focuses on EU Single market law and the interconnection between EU free movement law and fundamental rights.

Time: Friday 20 October 2017, 12-13

Location: Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law, Stockholm University

Registration: Please register online or by email to asnate.maddalo@juridicum.su.se
no later than Wednesday 18 October.

Refreshments and sandwiches will be available to registered participants from 11.30.
Should you have any special requirements or allergies please inform us when registrering.

Warm welcome!
Jaan Paju

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