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Two Takes on the Commission’s White Paper and the Future of Europe

den 19 maj 2017, kl. 14:00

The Institute of European Law (Institutet för Europeisk rätt) invites you to a seminar in EU law with Alison McDonnell & Leonard Besselink.

Alison McDonnell on the White Paper and the Inclusion of Citizens
To what extent do the scenarios presented in the White Paper reflect the inclusive approach – a principle of inclusiveness - which is a characteristic feature of the European Union.

Leonard Besselink on the White Paper and the Values that Bind us: What Union with What Member States?
What was traditionally considered the bastion of liberty and democracy, the UK, is leaving the Union. Instead the cause for liberal democracy in Hungary has pretty definitely been lost, while Poland is going down the same road. What does this mean for the scenarios for the future of the Union? What are their foundational, constitutional prerequisites?

Time: 19 May, Friday, 14.00 - 16.00

Location: Faculty Room, 8th floor, Juridicum, SU

Registration: Please register at erik.alander@juridicum.su.se no later than 17 May. Refreshments will be served.

Alison McDonnell, Europa Institute, Leiden University; Managing Editor Common Market Law Review

Leonard Besselink, University of Amsterdam, professor of Constitutional Law.

Detta seminarium ägde rum den den 19 maj 2017