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Personal Autonomy in the Age of Big Data. Covert Influence and Consent in the EU Legal Context

den 10 november 2021, kl. 14:00 till 16:00

Seminar in EU-Law with doctoral candidate Arvin Tayari

In recent years, a combination of technological advances and the upsurge of the collection of personal data has caused a growing power asymmetry between a handful of digital platforms and individuals as users of these platforms. The existing economic, technological and informational asymmetries have led to the decline, and in some instances, the absence of individuals control of their personal data. Currently, the predominant legal ground for the collection of data in the EU is the consent of individuals. However, both the theoretical foundation of consent as the protector of personal autonomy and its effectiveness under the current data protection regime are dubious. Given the strains and pitfalls of the data protection law and specifically in reference to the informed consent requirements, EU competition law with its rules on the prohibition of abuse of dominant position (Article 102 of TFEU) might be an instrumental tool for filling some gaps and thereby enhancing personal autonomy in the digital environment.

Please register by 8 November 2021.

Supervisors: Associate Professor Björn Lundqvist, Assistant Professor Stanley Greenstein

Discussant: Associate Professor Samson Yoseph Esayas

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Associate Professor and Director of the Institute of European Law
Björn Lundqvist

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