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Has Regulation 1/2003 Failed?

den 13 mars 2014, kl. 15:00

It has been now nearly ten years that Regulation 1 has been in force. From the beginning the Commission hailed it as a legal and cultural revolution and anticipated major consequences in the way competition law would be enforced.

Recent papers celebrating the tenth anniversary of this regulation generally speak of success. In this paper I question these conclusions by comparing the expected results of Regulation 1 with its actual results. In particular I consider three consequences that had been expected: (1) more Commission enforcement; (2) increased role of national competition authorities in EU competition law; (3) harmonised application of the law. Using data from a sample of Member States and Commission enforcement efforts I show that the first and the second objectives have not been met. The third has been met but through a variety of channels, and some further coordination is necessary.

Speaker: Giorgio Monti, Professor of Competition Law at the European University Institute, Florence.

Time: 13 March 2014, Thursday, 15.00 - 17.00

Location: Fakultetsrummet, plan 8, Juridicum, SU

Detta seminarium ägde rum den den 13 mars 2014