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The re-orientation of platform regulation: Treading water or experimenting?

den 5 februari 2024, kl. 12:00 till 13:00

Yane Svetiev, Professor at University of Sydney Law School will present his draft competition law paper.

The paper analyses the re-orientation of digital platform regulation, including legislative proposals and enforcement efforts to deal with platform power in those jurisdictions. It argues that the initiatives to control platform power in these jurisdictions follow a common emergent template of measures, also followed in the EU and other key players, focused on identifying conduct violations for specifically designated platforms on the basis of structural criteria of size and concentration. The paper argues that these initiatives are unlikely to provide a magic bullet for addressing the problem of the economic or political power concentration by the digital behemoths. This is because the emergent regulatory templates focus on the symptoms of platform power without investigation of the root causes of the emergence of digital platforms as a model of production and exchange, and do not seek to address the remedial problems of traditional legal enforcement. More promising approaches would seek to resolve specific problems that arise in the platform ecology, for both collaborating firms and final users, through innovative remedial design based on the experimentalist disciplines of monitoring and recursive adjustment.

In EU library, 9th floor, C-building, Universitetvägen 10, Frescati Campus.

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