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Equality Between Citizens: Recent Developments in EU law, Professor Philippa Watson

den 11 december 2017, kl. 16:00

This seminar will consider some recent case law from the CJEU and will explore some outstanding questions from earlier case law.

In particular the following cases and issues will be discussed:

• Marital Status.

Absolute discretion of Member States? Impossibility of satisfying legal requirements for eligibility to benefits/advantages.

Parris Case C-443/15 Judgment of 24 November 2016 Consistent with K.B (Case 117/01)

• Religious Discrimination.

Direct/Indirect Discrimination?
Discretion of religious bodies in their recruitment policy?
Religious freedom v. Health and Safety

Achbita Case C-157/15 Judgment of 14 March 2017
Bougnaoui Case C-188/15 Judgment of 14 march 2017
Egenberger Case C-414/16 Opinion of Advocate General Tanchev 9 November 2017
Liga van Moskeeen Islamitische Case C-426/16 Opinion of Advocate General Wahl
Case C-193/17 Achatzi Pending
Case C-68/17 IR v. JQ Pending

• The Kucukdeveci Case Law

The general principle of non-discrimination on the ground of old age. Implications for other grounds of non-discrimination?
Advocate General Sharpston in Bougnaoui – para 60

• Exceptions and Derogations? The implications of the Test Achats (Case 236/09) judgment.

Professor Philippa Watson is a barrister in European Union law, both economic and social, practising from Essex Court Chambers, London. She is Professor of Competition Law at City Law School and Visiting Professor of Competition Law at Queen Mary University of London.

Time: Monday 11 December 2017, 16-17

Location: Faculty Room, 8th floor, Juridicum, Stockholm University

Registration: Please register online or with asnate.maddalo@juridicum.su.se no later than Thursday 7 December 2017.

Glögg and a small Xmas buffet will be available to registered participants after the seminar.
Should you have any special requirements or allergies please inform us when registering.

Warm welcome!
Jaan Paju

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