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The Internal Market in the Time of Covid-19

den 19 mars 2021, kl. 12:00

Olivier Linden and Sybe de Vries discusses the future challenges for the Internal Market in the light of the current Coronacrisis.

The Single Market has played an important role in the current Coronacrisis and will play a crucial role in Europe’s recovery from COVID-19. As state involvement and attempts to shield strategic sectors will become the global norm, EU Member States will become even more reliant on their common market. To ensure a speedy recovery, the EU should, therefore, be forceful in reinstating its Single Market. However, in the post-COVID-19, it will not be enough to merely reinstate the Single Market as it was before – it will have to be improved and adapted, and to be made more resilient.


Olivier Linden is a senior legal adviser at the Swedish National Board of Trade. He has recently published a report on the Covid-19 and the Single Market: https://www.kommerskollegium.se/globalassets/publikationer/rapporter/2020/covid19-och-den-inre-marknaden.pdf

Sybe de Vries is full professor of EU Single Market Law and Fundamental rights and since 2012 the Jean Monnet Chair. His research and his education focuses on EU Single market law and the interconnection between EU free movement law and fundamental rights. Sybe de Vries is a honorary judge at the District Court of Rotterdam. He is also a board member of the Netherlands Association for European Law and of the editorial boards of the Journal for European and Economic law (SEW) and the Netherlands journal for Human Rights (NTM/NJCM-bulletin).

The seminar is a digital seminar. Zoom-link will be sent upon registration.


Jaan Paju

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