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The UK's Future Internal Market

den 26 november 2020, kl. 10:00

There will be a need to adopt rules on controlling barriers to trade within the UK, ie England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland (though Northern Ireland is in effect part of the EU, for goods, under the Protocol attached to the Withdrawal agreement). Stephen Weatherill discusses in this webinar how to replace EU law in UK 2021.

The UK government has proposed a model of mutual recognition, with minimal scope for justifying rules - Scotland and Wales are very opposed for this would undercut their regulatory autonomy: they could not keep out goods complying with lower English standards. So what will happen, what should happen? This could be a bit parochial - but my point will be that the concept of an "internal market" is not uniform. The EU has chosen one particular model - but others are available, in Europe and beyond (US, Australia). So -what dictates the choices, and what are the consequences?

Stephen Weatherill is the Jacques Delors Professor of European Law in the University of Oxford, and has been since 1998. He also serves as Deputy Director for European Law in the Institute of European and Comparative Law, and is a Fellow of Somerville College. His research interests embrace the field of European Law in its widest sense, although his published work is predominantly concerned with European Union trade law.

The seminar is a digital seminar. Zoom-link will be sent upon registration.

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