Gloria Golmohammadi

PhD project title: Participation in EU law-making though consultation - achieving coherence

Project description: This doctoral project explores participation in EU law-making through the lens of the EU Commission’s consultation regime, looking at its relation to national legislative public consultation. The research aims to provide an analysis and deeper understanding of the legal principles and rules governing the Commission’s open consultations and the Swedish consultation procedure (Remissväsendet) as they relate to EU law-making. Based on this understanding, the research will explore how these participatory elements of law-making can be improved through increasing the coherence between their respective regulatory frameworks.

Lovorka Jonic Kapnias

PhD project title: EU Enlargement Policy Revisited: Between Theory and Practice. The Case of Institutional Twinning

Project description: The main objective of my doctoral project is to increase the understanding of the present status of European integration by facilitating deeper knowledge about practical dimensions of enlargement ('how does it work in reality') and by exploring under-researched aspects of this process, namely, the instrument of institutional twinning. In order to evaluate inconsistencies between theory and practice of EU enlargement, the first (theoretical) part of the project explores the key developments of enlargement policy and analyses its shortcomings. Institutional twinning opens a possibility to experience the EU's enlargement process from a practical point of view and illustrates how enlargement actually works in practice; hence, in the second (empirical) part of the project, weaknesses of the policy are tested on the example of twinning. Finally, on the basis of empirical findings about true performance of accession states within the selected twinning projects, it will be possible to draw broader conclusions about the positive sides and drawbacks of the EU's enlargement policy, and, more generally, about the desired balance between theory and practice of EU enlargement.

Alina Murg Perlmutter

PhD project working title: European Court’s judicial review of competition cases involving ‘complex economic or technical assessments’

Project description: The first objective of the study is to analyze the standard and particularities of the ‘marginal’ judicial review provided for in the European competition law enforcement system in cases of ‘complex economic or technical assessments’, and to clarify the rationale and the limits of European Commission’s ‘margin of discretion’ in such cases . The ultimate aim of these analyses is to ascertain if there is an issue of compliance with the standard of judicial review required by the European Court of Human Rights in light of the right to due process and a fair trial set out in Art. 6(1) ECHR. Subject to the outcomes of the first part, reassessment of the current system might be needed, and the second objective of the study becomes an inquiry into proposals and options for reform.


Murg Perlmutter Alina, The ‘Light’ Judicial Review of ‘Complex Economic or Technical Assessments’. Too “Light” for European Court of Human Rights’ Taste?, Lund Student EU Law Review, Competition Law and Fundamental Rights, Special Edition, Lund, October 2012, 22-57

Branka Marusic

PhD project working title: EU Copyright in a Globalised World ‒ Communication to the Public and Making Available Beyond Borders and Regions

Project description: The doctoral project concerns identification and systematisation of current parameters to an EU harmonised economic right of copyright rightholders in the digital market. The aim is to analyse the current limits of exchange of copyrighted content online and building on that analyse whether such an autonomous legal concept made under EU law can be characterised as principle of EU law and what are the correlations of it with the general principle of legal certainty as defined under EU law.


Derogating regulative and enforcement powers in copyright protection in the Digital Market: a Trojan horse for the EU? Branka Marušić, Croatian Yearbook of European Law and Policy vol.13, January 2018

Reproduciranje autorskog djela za privatno i drugo vlastito korištenje u svjetlu prava Europske unije (Reproduction of copyright protected works for private and other personal use in the light of European Union law), Marko Jurić, Branka Marušić, Zbornik Hrvatskog društva za autorsko pravo, vol.12-13, December 2016

Gate Keeper or Trespasser? EU ISP Liability Regime and its Privacy Implications, Branka Marušić, Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd, 1/2016, April 2016

End Line: The Boundaries of Extended Protection for Word Trademarks in EU Law, Branka Marušić, Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd, 5/2014, December 2014

Television Programme Licensing: Endgame for Exclusivity?, Branka Marušić, Croatian Yearbook of European Law and Policy vol.7, December 2011

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Niousha Nademi

PhD project title: Relevant Market and Market Power when Companies Compete through Innovation

Project description: My research concerns the delineation of relevant markets and the assessment of market power in the new economy. Today, companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft are sometimes suspected of abusing their dominant position or to be monopolists, but the way of determining first, which markets they are active on and secondly how to measure their market power has proven to be more difficult than previously anticipated. My project targets the ICT sector and looks at the issues at hand from a law and economics perspective.

Marcus Skarpsvärd

PhD project title: The Costs of Legal Certainty: A Forensic Analysis of Exclusionary Abuse of Dominance

Project description: The study aims to ascertain concepts and theories regarding artificial obstacles to competition by analysing the profitability of the dominant company’s strategy. The investigation will mainly use well-established accounting and financial profitability measurements to determine the lawfulness of the dominant company’s tactics. By applying forensic analysis, the dissertation seeks to establish the relevant cost measurements, disclosure of such data and the evidentiary threshold to determine an infringement in litigation before the EU courts, thus limiting enforcement and judicial decision-making errors.

Katharina Voss

PhD project working title: A New Approach to Deterrence and Compliance in EU Competition Law Enforcement

Project description: The study aims to analyse the enforcement of EU competition law of Articles 101 and 102 TFEU as carried out by the European Commission (”the Commission’s enforcement”) and discuss alternative methods of enforcement. For this purpose an inquiry is made into the goals of the Commission’s enforcement. These goals are then assessed as to the goals actually reached through the different remedies used in the Commission’s enforcement. Secondly, based on the results of the first part, it is considered if the Commission’s enforcement could be improved, either by making changes to the current enforcement measures, adding new measures or by making changes to the system of enforcement used by the Commission.


Voss Katharina, But that’s not what I asked! The reformulation of questions asked in preliminary rulings. Europarättslig tidskrift, 18(4), 939-956, 2015

Voss Katharina, The Principle of Equality: A Limit to the Commission’s Discretion in EU Competition Law Enforcement? Global Antitrust Review, 149-166, 2013

Voss Katharina, Preventing the cure: Corporate compliance programmes in EU competition law enforcement. Europarättslig tidskrift, 16(1), 28-43, 2013

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Senem Eken Uyad

Pågående forskningsprojekt

Jaan Paju

Torsten Söderbergs stiftelse, forskningsanslag 2018-2020.

Project title: Utomeuropeisk migration i unionsrättslig och svensk kontext

Project description: Forskningsprojektet ställer frågan vilka sociala rättigheter som kan uppstå för asylsökande i Sverige. Under år 2015 anlände uppemot 190 000 asylsökande i Sverige.

Migrationsverkets huvudscenario för år 2016 utgår från 135 000 asylsökande. Det rör sig om ett stort antal utomeuropeiska medborgare som kommer att vistas i Sverige under en längre tid innan deras rätt till asyl kan prövas. Projektet analyserar mot bakgrund av detta förhållande vilka rättsliga utmaningar som föreligger när ett (oväntat) samspel mellan nationella och unionsrättsliga regelverk kan leda till en fristående rätt till sociala förmåner för asylsökande i Sverige. Projektet utgår från en rättsanalytisk metod vad avser unionsrättsliga regelverks påverkan på det svenska välfärdssystemet. Genom att abstrahera och kondensera två helt olikverkande rättsliga krafter: unionsrättens fria personrörlighet och grundläggande fri- och rättigheter, möjliggör detta angreppssätt en djupare analys av hur samspelet mellan olika regelverk sker och på vilket vis därmed uppkomna sociala rättigheter kan exponera den svenska välfärdsmodellen. Projektets övergripande värde ligger i att projektet syftar till att såväl definiera och analysera en potentiell rättighetskatalog för utomeuropeiska medborgare som att föra en kritisk rättspolitisk diskussion kring de yttre gränserna för en transnationell solidaritet för svenskt vidkommande.

Helene Andersson

Project title: ”Access to the European Commission’s Files in Cartel Cases – Promoting or Preventing Effective Enforcement of the European Competition Rules?”

Project description: Projektet, som inleddes i februari 2017 och pågår fram till och med december 2019, skall kartlägga vilka olika regler som styr Europeiska kommissionens utlämnande av handlingar i kartellärenden. Syftet är att fastställa om gällande ordning på bästa sätt säkerställer en effektiv kartellbekämpning och samtidigt respekterar gällande regler kring handlingars offentlighet och enskildas grundläggande rättigheter.

Björn Lundqvist

Styrelsen för institutet.



’Introduction to EU Internet Law’ (Ex Tuto, 352 pp., September 2015), tillsammans med Jan Trzaskowski, Andrej Savin, and Patrik Lindskoug

‘R&D collaborations under the Competition Rules of the European Union and The Antitrust Laws of the United States’ (Edward Elgar monograph, 303 pp. May, 2015).

‘Standardization under EU Competition Rules & US Antitrust Laws: The Rise and Limits of Self- Regulation’ (Edward Elgar monograph, 496 pp. May, 2014)

‘Joint Research and Development and Patent Pools under the Antitrust Laws of the USA and the Competition Rules of the European Union’ (LL.D dissertation 300 pp) 2010.

Peer-reviewed artiklar

Big Data and Competition Law, Journal of Antitrust Enforcement (publiceras 2017)

Learning Competition Law – some comments regarding Problem Based Learning, Critical Thinking and Metacognitive Understanding, Journal of Legal Education. (inskickad)

’Standards, Innovation and EU Competition law in an Internet of Things World’, Antitrust Bulletin (publiceras 2017)

’European Harmonised Standards as ”part of EU Law”: the implications of the James Elliot case for copyright protection and, possibly, for the EU Competition Law’, Legal Issues of Economic Integration (publiceras 2017)

’Konkurrensrätt och nödvändiga patent’, Europarättslig tidskrift, 2016 volum 2., 56-79.

’Post Danmark II, now Concluded by the ECJ: Clarification of the Rebate Abuse, but how do we marry Post Danmark I with Post Danmark II?’ European Competition Journal (Volume 11, 2015 -¬‐ Issue 2-¬‐3), 557-573.

The interface between EU competition law and standard essential patents – from Orange-Book- Standard to the Huawei case’ i European Competition Journal (Volume 11, 2015 -¬‐ Issue 2-¬‐3), 367-401.

Tillsammans med Ylva Forsberg ; Marc de Vries; and Mariateresa Maggiolino, ‘Open Data and Competition Law- Some issues regarding access and pricing of raw data’ in MUJLT: Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology, September 2015, 95-120.

Tillsammans med Timo Minssen, ‘The "Opt Out" and "Opt In" Provisions in the Unified Patent Court Agreement: Impact and Strategies for European Patent Portfolios’ in: N I R, Vol. 83, No. 4, 2014, 340- 357

Tillsammans med Liisa Rajala Malmgren, ’Det svenska och danska genomförandet av PSI-direktivet: och hur de bör uppdateras i ljuset av det nya PSI-direktivet’ in Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap, Vol. 126, Nr. 1-2, 2013, 196-230

Tillsammans med Grith Skovgaard Ølykke,‘Post Danmark, Now Concluded by the Danish Supreme Court : Clarification of the Selective Low Pricing Abuse and Perhaps the Embryo of a New Test under Article 102 TFEU?’, in: E C L R: European Competition Law Review, Vol. 34, No. 9, 2013, 485-490

Vetenskapliga artiklar

’Konkurrensrätt och nödvändiga patent’, Europarättslig tidskrift, 2016 volum 2, 197-207.

‘Turning Government Data into Gold": The Interface Between EU Competition Law and the Public Sector Information Directive - With Some Comments on the Compass Case’ in I I C - International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Vol. 44, Nr. 1, 2013, pp. 79-95


’Big Data, Open Data, Privacy Regulations, Intellectual Property and Competition Law in an Internet of Things World’ Faculty of Law, University of Stockholm Research Paper No. 1. To be published by Max Planck Institute and Springer forlag. Available at SSRN:, ca. 30 sidor

’Joint Research and Development Collaborations Under Competition Law, with a Layman's Economic Viewpoint’ (February 8, 2017). Faculty of Law, Stockholm University Research Paper No. 3. To be published by Edward Elgar and Ascola Leiden, Available at SSRN:, ca. 25 sidor.

’Postenmålet i ljuset av senare praxis från EU-domstolen’, Minnesskrift till Marknadsdomstolen (kommer publiceras under 2017), 22 sidor.

’EU-domstolens praxis angående rabatter och andra prissmissbruk under Artikel 102 EUF-fördraget’, Kilpailuoikeudellinen Vuosikirja 2016, Grano Oy, 2017

Tillsammans med Helene Andersson, Access to Documents for Cartel Victims and Cartel Members – is the System Coherent? in Maria Bergström, Marios Iacovides, Magnus Strand (editors) ”Harmonizing EU Competition Litigation: The New Directive and Beyond”, forthcoming with Hart Publishing/Bloomsbury in 2015, 165-186.

‘The rise of standardization – competition law as the limit of self-regulation’ in Josef Drexl and Fabiana Di Porto (ed) “Competition Law as Regulation”, Edward Elgar, 2015, pp. 365-397.

The Interface Between Competition Law and Standard Essential Patents : Some Early Comments on the Huawei Case. in Erhvervsretlige emner . red. /Peter Arnt Nielsen; Peter Koerver Schmidt; Katja Dyppel Weber. København : Djøf / Jurist- og Økonomforbundet (2015), s. 183-194

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‘How research and development cooperation is dealt with under EC Competition law and its implication on the restructuring of firms’ published in Marie-Ange Moreau (ed) Building Restructuration in Europe, Peter Lang (June 2009).

Övriga vetenskapliga arbeten

Tillsammans med Ylva Forsberg ; Marc de Vries; and Mariateresa Maggiolino, EU Commission research report, LAPSI Competition law issues paper, market/en/news/legal-aspects-public-sector-information-lapsi-thematic-network-outputs (2014)

Tillsammans med Marc de Vries, Emma Linklater and Liisa Rajala Malmgren, ‘Business Activity and Exclusive Right in the Swedish PSI Act’, Report published by the Swedish Competition Authority (September 2011)

H. Ullrich; A. Heinemann; B Lundqvist (1998, 2005 (2nd ed)). Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights A Comparative Analysis of the Competition Rules Relating to IPR in the European Union, the USA, Japan and in International Law, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). (The report was updated by Björn Lundqvist in 2005.)


Vad gäller min nuvarande forskning är jag involverad i två projekt.

För det första, håller vi på att avsluta ett forskningsprojekt inom läkemedelsbranschen och arbetar med att få fram ett bra manus till Oxford University Press (OUP) för en bok med titeln ‘EU Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights in the Pharma & Biotech Sectors’ (författare är Professor Timo Minssen vid Köpenhamns universitet, Jur. Dr. Justin Pierce vid Lunds universitet och jag). Jag arbetar för närvarande med den del som behandlar licensavtal inom läkemedelsbranschen samt jag forskar och skriver om samspelet mellan forskande bolag och läkemedels producerade bolag.

För det andra, är jag involverad i ett projekt som behandlar ’Big Data’, immaterialrätt, persondataskydd och konkurrensrätt, där jag senast var värd för en stor internationella konferens här vid SU i juni 2017.

Ulf Bernitz


Leder forskningsavdelning för europarätt vid Stockholm Centre of Commercial Law

Ordförande för styrelsen och redaktionsrådet för Europarättslig Tidskrift

Ordförande för styrelsen för NIR Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd

Ordförande för the Editorial Board Scandinavian Studies in Law

Medlem i styrgruppen för Nätverket för Europarättsforskning

Medlem i styrelsen för Institutet för Europeisk Rätt vid SU

Fellow, Institute of European and Comparative Law, University of Oxford

Claes Granmar

Research Fellow, Institute for European and Comparative Law (IECL), University of Oxford (2017/2018) and affiliated with the senior common room (SCR) at college Lady Margret Hall (LMH).


• Claes Granmar, Trade mark paradoxes in European Brand Competition, Dissertation at the EUI, 2010.
• Claes Granmar, Varumärkesskydd – en handbok om varumärken och domännamn (Trademark Protection – A Handbook on Trademarks and Domain Names), Jure Förlag AB, 2003.

Contributions in anthologies
• Claes Granmar, Vad legitimerer rättskällorna inom Unionsrätten? In Kritiskt tänkande inom unionsrätten, Ragulka, 2018.
• Co-Author with Prof. Christina Ramberg, Rättskällorna, Norsedts Juridik, 2017.
• Claes Granmar, A New Public in the Old World!? Festschrift in honour of Jan Rosén, (eds. Gunnar Karnell, Anette Kur, et al.) 2016, 225-245.
• Claes Granmar, Intellectual Property Rights and the Single Market, in European Intellectual Property Law, (ed.) Jan Rosén, Edward Elgar 2016, 31-42.
• Claes Granmar, Sustainable transport services in the European Union, in Shipping and Environment – A legal perspective, (ed.) Johan Schelin, Institutet för Sjö- och Transporträtt 2014, 83-122.

• Claes Granmar, C-284/16 Achmea Precludes Investor-State Dispute Settlements, Oxford Business Law Blog, 12 July, 2018.
• Claes Granmar, Economic globalization and the rule of law, Europarättslig tidskrift (ERT) Nr 3, 2017.
• Claes Granmar, Effekterna av att inte genomföra direktivet om offentlig upphandling, Upphandlingsrättslig Tidskrift Nr 2, 2016.
• Claes Granmar och Jan Rosén, Länkning på internet – EU-domstolen i konflikt med internationell rätt, Svensk Juristtidning (SvJT) Nr 1, 2015.
• Claes Granmar, Förslaget till nytt varumärkesdirektiv och dubbel identitet, Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättsskydd (NIR) Nr 3, 2013.
• Claes Granmar, Chronopost: Horizontal harmonization through overlapping national jurisdictions, ERT 4:2012.
• Claes Granmar, The cases regarding premier League: In pursuit of Unity and coherency of the European union Legal Order, ERT 1:2012.
• Claes Granmar, Varumärkesrätten och rätten att annonsera på Internet, Ny Juridik 4:2011.
• Claes Granmar, Look what the Easter bunny brought us, 6 European Law Reporter, 2009.
• Claes Granmar, Is “Image” the same thing as “quality”, 5 European Law Reporter, 2009.
• Claes Granmar, Some Reflections upon Branding and Trademarks, NIR 2:2006.
• Claes Granmar, Anmälan av boken 125® varemaerkesloven 1880-2005, Patent- og Varemaerkestyrelsen, Jurist- og Økonomforbundet, 2005, NIR 1:2007.
• Claes Granmar, Domännamnstöld, Brand News No. 3, 2001.

Miscellaneous publications
• Newsletters:
o Claes Granmar, CETA-avtalet, Dagens Etc. December 2017.
o Interview with Claes Granmar, CETA-avtalet, Dagens Arena. March 2018.
o Claes Granmar, TTIP – ett omdebatterat frihandelsavtal, Juridicums Nyhetsbrev Nr 1 2016.
o Claes Granmar, Arbetsdomstolen på djupt vatten, Sjörättsbibliotekets nyhetsbrev Nr 4 2015.
o Claes Granmar, Flygpassagerares rättigheter – ett rättsområde i ständig utveckling, Sjörättsbibliotekets nyhetsbrev Nr 1 2015.
• Blogg: Institutet för sjö- och annan transporträtt:
o Claes Granmar, Förverkligandet av den inre marknaden för sjötransporter 11 juli 2014.
o Claes Granmar, Nya förutsättningar för svensk flygnäring? 4 juli 2014.
o Claes Granmar, Passagerarrättigheter och de förenade målen C-581/10 och C-629/10, 18 februari 2013.
o Claes Granmar, Kompensation för passagerare vid försening, 18 februari 2013.
• Webb-TV:
o Brexit – Interviews with Steven Weatherill and Peter Oliver, June 2018.
o Ekonomi- och Finansnyheterna (EFN), Statsstöd till varvsindustrin, Intervju med Claes Granmar sänd den 9 juni 2014.

• Claes Granmar, Om kritiskt tänkande inom ramen för unionsrätten, slutrapport UL2 Jur 2017.
• CETA and the right to regulate, Report from the SU Faculty of Law to the Swedish Government, April 2017.
• Claes Granmar, The Right to privacy for the conference on international trade, commerce and societal values organised by the Department of Political Science at Stockholm University in March 2017.
• Claes Granmar, Application of EU law in Swedish Courts, National report in the pan-European project on ”The principle of sincere cooperation in national courts”, University of Bergen, 2016.
• Claes Granmar, Synpunkter på institutet ”grace period” avseende patentansökan, Report for the Swedish reference group for establishing a EU regime for patent protection and a patent Court. 2013.
• Claes Granmar, Review of Cases on Trade Marks from January 2007 to June 2009, EFTA-Court Luxemburg, 2009.
• Claes Granmar, What are the criteria that determine the unfairness of so-called look-alikes?, National rapporteur for Ligue international du droit de la concurrence (LIDC), Vienna 2009.
• Claes Granmar, National rapporteur for Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle (AIPPI), Boston, 2008.
• Claes Granmar, Is property protection of a candy brand a too sweet deal in cognitive competition, NYU, 2007.
• Claes Granmar, The organisation of objects and trade mark protection, NYU, 2006.
• Claes Granmar, The Funtioning of the trade mark and its relation to branding in the context of exhaustion, årsrapport EUI ”June paper”, 2005.
• Claes Granmar, The principle of exhaustion of intellectual property rights in EC law, EUI, 2005.
• Claes Granmar, Trade mark influences on the market definition and establishment of market power in merger cases, EUI, 2004.


I am writing a comprehensive article on the territorial scope of the GDPR in contexts as a research fellow at the Institute for European and Comparative Law (IECL) at Oxford University.

Sideek Mohamed Seyad

Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt

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